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Debt Consolidation is an area which is becoming more and more common because people are accessing unsecured borrowing more frequently, it may be to purchase a new car, go on holiday, or for those home improvements or even it may have been an isolated event such as a death in the family or redundancy and whilst you got back on your feet, you accessed money that was available to you through the High Street.

Sometimes the cost of unsecured borrowing is much higher than it will be if the loan was a secured loan due to the risk it represents to the lender, credit cards tend to charge a hefty rate of interest when compared to a regulated mortgage contract.

Use our calculator below to calculate if you will be better off consolidating your existing commitments into your mortgage, as sometimes servicing each and every one of your debts can be quite hard and eat into your disposable income.

However it is not right for everyone as the root cause to initially acquiring these debts needs to be examined first, there is little point to consolidate your commitments than to go away and rack it all up again.

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