Home Mover Mortgage for Contractors


Are you planning on moving home in the near future? If so, it is important to have a thorough understanding of all of the different options that are available to you.

That’s where we come in. We understand your unique payment structure as a contractor, and we provide advice that is 100 per cent tailored to your unique circumstances.

Why A Home Mover Mortgage?

A lot of home movers will need to borrow more money when they move home, as they are stepping up the property ladder. Plus, you also need to consider the fact that house prices are rising all of the time. The average property value in the UK is £243,639, representing a 3.7 per cent annual rise. According to the UK Government website, house price growth is currently at its biggest in the North East. While, as you may expect, the average price of a house is the highest in London, at £484,584 as of April 2018. 

Finding The Best Contractor Home Mover Mortgage For You

One thing that really sets us apart from the rest is that we treat all of our clients on a case-by-case basis. We understand that everyone’s situations are not the same, especially for contractors, who can often have erratic payment schedules. This is why we make an effort to fully assess your income so that we can provide you with the best options for you. We take the time to assess your financial situation, your earnings structure, and any other important factors. 

We will then explore the different options available to you, giving you a clear breakdown of what each mortgage or solution would entail and what it means for you on a month-by-month basis. As we have great connections in the industry, we are able to provide you with the best mortgages for contractors, which you would not be able to find elsewhere. It could even be possible for you to simply port your current mortgage to your new property, even if your existing lender has said that this is not the case.

Going straight to your High Street branch is rarely a wise option. Not only will it be extremely difficult for you to secure a mortgage, but also they aren’t going to be dedicated to finding you the best rates and ensuring it is right for your unique circumstances. Maybe you have already been refused by one lender? If so, do not let this put you off! Give us a call today to discuss the various options that are available to you. For starters, we won’t ask for payment slips or attempt to submit an application based on this, as we know it does not give a true reflection of your earnings or affordability. 

Call Us Today For More Information

If you would like to find out more about the service that we provide, or you have any specific questions about your situation, please do not hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call. We will be more than happy to help you, providing a free and no-obligation consultation over the phone. We know that making the right decisions depends on having the right information, which is where we come in! 

Give us a call to get a comprehensive quote tailored to your position and circumstances as a contractor, get in touch or call us today and speak to one of our expert mortgage brokers on 0203 827 8560.

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