Next Time Buyer Mortgage for Contractors

So, you’ve decided it’s time to move home? Perhaps you’ve recently added to your family? Maybe you’ve got a new job? 

No matter the circumstances, you will want your mortgage to be approved as quickly as possible. 

You’d assume that getting a second mortgage would be easier, right? Unfortunately, it can often be twice as complicated! After all, those introductory rates and first-time buyer schemes are no longer applicable, making the process a lot harder. However, with our specialist assistance, we can ensure that you get the right mortgage for your requirements.

Changing Mortgages When You Buy Your Next Home

Since you first applied for a mortgage, two things may have changed: you or your mortgage provider!

Has your situation changed?

A lot of people have made the switch to working from home in recent years, and so there is a high chance that a lot of people reading this were employed with payslips rather than on a contract basis when they bought their first house. If this is no longer the case, specialist assistance is critical because the application process is different for contractors. We understand your unique working position, and we will be able to present it to a mortgage provider in a manner that gives you the greatest chance of getting the right mortgage for you.

Has your mortgage provider changed?

While your circumstances may be more or less the same, your mortgage provider may have changed it’s lending criteria. You then have to factor in the rising house prices, which have increased by 4.5 percent from January 2018 to January 2019. This means you may not be able to borrow as much as you need. 

Because of this, you need to work with a mortgage provider that can explain how any industry or lender changes impact your application and present you with the best solution for you. 

Contractor Mortgages Direct Will Put The Odds Back In Your Favour With Next Time Contractor Mortgages

Yes, there are lots of mortgage advisers and companies out there, so why choose us for your next time buyer mortgage, if you are moving home or looking for that second property? Well, if you were to go for a standard mortgage provider, they would treat your case in the same manner in which they assist people who are employed and have payslips. This will seriously deter your chances of getting a mortgage. Instead, we know how to present your accounts on gross contract value, as we know that your accounts will not give an accurate reflection of your earnings. We will provide you with an honest assessment of your situation and how likely you are to be approved. We also have a strong client base, which gives us access to some of the best financial products for contractors specifically.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you would like some more information on our service or the mortgage process in general. No matter whether you are looking to upgrade or downgrade, no matter whether you were a contractor when you bought your first house or not, we can provide you with the expert assistance you need. 

Give us a call to get a comprehensive quote tailored to your position and circumstances as a contractor, get in touch or call us today and speak to one of our expert mortgage brokers on 0203 827 8560

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